before downloading you should know a few things:

  1. In order to run HFMC you will need an activation code. Currently only a selected beta group can get it via their hifimusic.co.il account. No, sorry, you can’t even purchase the software at the moment.
  2. HFMC’s target audience are music lovers who would like to get the best sound quality and the best user experience from the comfort of their listening sweet spot. This means lossless formats (like FLAC and WAV CD rips or high-res downloads). If you are looking for a way to play some MP3′s on your personal computer with onscreen speakers this is probably not the best choice for you.
  3. Unlike most music players, HFMC does not try to skimp on the computer/OS resources at the expense of audio quality. Audio quality is the top priority here, and it is highly recommended to use a dedicated computer as a music server (this computer does not have to be very fast or expensive, actually an ATOM based CPU on a small beautiful case with no fans can be a great choice).


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Download HFMC3