By now you probably know at least one audio player that supports bit-perfect playback. Yet if you ever compared such players, you must have noticed that they do not sound the same. This is because sound quality is also affected by several other factors. First and foremost among those factors is the way the player is interacting with your operating system and using your hardware resources. This means that a software-based audio player needs to be "tuned" just like any other audio component. HFMC was tuned to give you a musical, relaxed, thrilling experience, eliminating any known computer "hardness" and shrill, yet without sacrificing details or dynamics.


The idea of starting a listening session by a series of mouse clicks is not very appealing. We are used to browse our CD or LP collections, admire the cover art and read the linear notes. Here at HFMC we would like to preserve this experience without sacrificing ease of use and convenience.

To do that, we have designed a beautiful user interface, with the ability to control all aspects of the software from your tablet, smartphone, touch screen. Of course, it goes without saying that you can still use your mouse and keyboard.


for the music lover

We all love music, but not everyone is tech savvy. HFMC gives you a fluid experience while you rediscover your music collection without the need to be a computer expert. It was designed for those who love music and care about the sound, but do not want to spend hours on endless software configurations. Easy to use cover art implementation, quick global searches, random playback and one-click references are just a few of the ways in which HFMC will help you enjoy your music collection with ease without sacrificing sound quality.